In Home Care Guide10 checks to make sure you are receiving the right In Home Care

There comes a time when you need to make some hard choices for you or your loved ones, for choosing in-home care is the right choice. Assisted living can make a huge difference, sometimes the smallest of acts have the biggest impact!

Here are 10 things to look out for when choosing an in-home carer:

1) Continuous Care

Change is unsettling, so make sure your care company can provide continuous care at the same regular schedule with the same carer. It can be more than a little disquieting to have a steady stream of strangers attending your personal needs.

2) Companionship

It sounds a simple concept, but make sure your carer actually does care about you or your loved one! There are people in every industry that simply go to work, make sure the carer isn’t one of them. We return to ‘the smallest of acts have the biggest impact!’ Ensure your carer will ask questions like, what would you like to do today? What would you like to eat
today? How are you feeling? Tell me about you!

3) Familiar Surroundings

Try wherever possible to remain in your own home, with some adaptations to your home life can be made so much easier. Make sure your care company can provide you with assistance gaining help and support for these often expensive alterations.

4) Community

Staying in your home means you will still be amongst your community so you can still keep in touch with your friends and do all the things you like to do and enjoy within your community.

5) Domestic support

Sometimes doing those everyday tasks around the house can become difficult. Make sure your care agency can lend a helping hand should you need it, not all will!

6) Nutritional support

You may have specialist dietary needs, have definite preferences or simply need a hand with meal preparation to maintain a balanced and healthy diet. Your carer should have these skills and a really good carer will also slip in the odd treat, sometimes there is more to life.

7) Medication reminders

A timely reminder to take medication, assisting with trips to the doctor or hospital appointments, it is important these are not missed, make sure your carer takes on this responsibility.

8) Personal Care

This can be a bit of a sensitive topic. Ideally your carer will be trained in all areas of personal care so can assist with any areas whilst ensuring your dignity is not compromised. If in doubt ask, there are some care companies who cannot provide this level of service.

9) Treats and social activities

Having something to look forward to makes a huge difference, whether it is a weekly visit to church, a day trip to the Zoo, a stroll around town shopping, a pint in the local pub, an indulgent trip for a beauty treatment or even a holiday. Make sure your carer is happy to provide assistance, it isn’t just about living, it’s about the quality of life!

10) Employed and Registered

Where possible ensure your carer is employed by the company, they aren’t always! Employed means they receive regular mandatory training. Also make sure the company is registered with the Quality Care Commission and ask to see their inspection report. They won’t be offended and you will see if the standard of care comes up to scratch.

This free guide has been developed by Northampton based CareXL, a trading style of Chalcot Home Care Ltd. Chalcot adheres to all of these points seeing them as mandatory requirements to providing a CARE service. If you have any queries regarding this guide or would like to discuss in-home care requirements contact us on: 01604 636980 or email
[email protected]