Live in careLive In Care

Live in care can be used as a viable alternative to a care home, at CareXL we are all about enabling people to stay in their own home; familiar surroundings, community and friends are so important to quality of life. However, some people we care for cannot ever be left on their own and so we have a live in care service.

Our live in care service is a 24 hour care package available 7 days a week. Each service user has 2 main carers. One will live in with you for 3 weeks and then have a week off, the other main carer will take over for that week. And so the cycle continues.

Live In Care

  • Your main carer will perform all the care duties required as well as additional support like:
  • House work and House Management
  • Personal Care Needs
  • Meals
  • Medication
  • Nutrition
  • Laundry
  • Errands and Shopping


They do everything! Of course, the main carers need a break, so every day they have 2-3 hours where they can take care of their own needs. The break period is covered by a secondary carer, we try to ensure this is the same 1 or 2 people to keep your care consistent.

Live in carers stay at your home and live in with you. They are there overnight and should you have the odd occasion where you wake up and need their assistance then they can be a comfort. However, if you require support during the night for more than the occasional need, then it is best to organise additional support, as your main carer won’t be able to function properly if continuously assisting you during the night. We can assist with that too.

To discuss live in care and the best care solution for your needs, then please call 01604 636980 or email on [email protected]