We would like to share with you the great testimonials we receive from our service users and their families. We have of course removed names of both our clients and carers for data protection purposes:

28/07/2017 We received the following comment from the daughter of a gentlemen service user:

“Thank you for a great service, I wish I had got CareXL in to look after my dad years ago, and more importantly my dad is happy.”

26/07/17 Mrs W. from Northampton said during a telephone call:

“Just want to say what a difference you made on Saturday. He instantly took to her, was chatty with her and talked non-stop about her, how lovely she was, complimenting her eyes etc. He was so happy and chatty all day. Due to this, she has made my day so much easier. Thank you so much.”

We received a beautiful Thank You card from family members which said:

“Just a token of our appreciation of your support. Keep up the good work!”

A beautiful Thank You card received which read:

“Thank you for all your help and kindness looking after Mr R over the past months.”

22/05/2017 Call received from very happy clients:

“Just want to say how lovely the carers were this weekend. They are always happy, take time to speak and give him few minutes to think about what is happening, and know him so well. The weekend has been wonderful. He smiles, and the carer helped me so much by doing jobs I can’t manage without my asking. Thank you, the girls are lovely.”

22/05/2017 J&A L. completed a feedback form and rated us Excellent!

21/05/2017 Mr P. completed a feedback form and rated the services he receives as Good!

22/05/2017 A. F. completed a feedback form rating her services as Excellent and said:

“I find the service provided is excellent and the carers really do care that your treatment suits you.”

A beautiful Thank You card received from J. in it she wrote:  

“To everyone at CareXL, you have been the best carers anyone could wish for, bringing joy into the house. J’s life was enriched by your visits. I too benefitted from your company every day.

Thank you is not enough but is the only word I can offer.”

18/05/2017 Feedback form completed by the daughter of a lovely lady we care for. Our services were rated as Good and the lady went on to say:

“Very pleased with carers – We would know if Mum was not happy or unsettled. She likes regular carers as this gives consistency for her. We know that she knows the routine and expects the carers calls. We know she is looked after well.”

A beautiful Thank You card received from R. E. which read:

“Thank you for your regular enquiries about dad while in hospital and the great care he received at home.”

11/05/2017 CareXL Feedback form received from family member, our services were rated as Excellent and the comments read:

“CareXL provide very competent, caring staff. My father enjoys their company, and they are always very reassuring to him, and supportive. CareXL are always at the end of the phone, and respond to enquiries/changes of plan almost immediately. Any dealings with me or my brother have had with CareXL have been supportive and understanding, and they are a pleasure to do business with. The cares have also demonstrated how they respond in a crisis, as when my father fell and hit his head a few months ago. Their response was immediate, calm and appropriate.”

11/05/2017 Feedback form received Mr W. who rated the services he receives as Excellent!

03/05/2017 Message received from Family member, which read:

“Mum is fine, slowing down and needing the care you support/provide. The carer was absolutely brilliant as always.”

A lovely compliment received by email from the daughter of a client:

“So pleased with the new carers, who’s managing to get dad washed. Both excellent.”

26/04/2017 Lovely comments received over the telephone from a happy client:

“I am very happy with all care and couldn’t do without my carer’s help and support.”

21/04/2017 Comments received from a client during a visit:

“My carer looks after me well. All the girls look after me but H. is great!”

13/03/2017 A beautiful bunch of flowers were received at the office from Mr G. in the card he wrote:

“Thank you for all your support when I had a fall at home and for your support when I was in hospital”

21/02/2017 A lovely testimonial from one of our Carers:

“It’s been really nice being back at work after a few days off seeing how much clients have missed me. Mr W. is going to contact Teresa May and have me made a Dame and AF is going to kidnap me and keep me there as I’m the best back washer. It’s the little things like this that make me love the job.”

16/02/2017 Mrs B. told us:

“It’s really nice that you took R. out for a walk, he likes walking. You are so good with him. Previous company carers would never give him the time you do.”

27/02/2017 a feedback form completed by a family member of one of our clients, our service was rated as Excellent and they went on to say:

“I feel the girls do out of their way to support G. All is going well.”

09/02/2017 from service user, J. L.:

“All the girls support me very well, and know my needs. I am very happy with the service and staff.” When asked if her carer’s support her with her medication, she replied: “Yes they remove it from the boxes and give it to me to take.” We asked if she feels the carer’s rush or leave early, she replied: “No, not at all, if anything they do more!”

06/11/2016 B. G. completed a CareXL feedback form and rated her carers as Good!

03/11/2016 Mrs W. completed a Feedback form and rated her Care services as Excellent. She went on to comment:

“We are happy with everything, just want to ask that R. is given plenty of time to eat his food and when on the commode.”

06/11/2016 Care client D. completed a Feedback form and rated his care services as Good.

02/11/2016 Mr & Mrs D. completed a Feedback form and rated the care services as Excellent. They went on to comment:

“We are very satisfied with the care and understand that it is not always possible to be absolutely on time every call. Equally I am willing to lend a hand when needed.”

I just want to convey my appreciation for your help and support, because it has not been easy for me and I have found looking for a domiciliary care agency very daunting and embarrassing. However, you have put me at ease and made this transition into being cared for quite seamless. I believe I now have some prospect of a better quality of life… hence why I am appreciative.

Mr R – Northampton

I would like to go on your new website. Since you have taken over my care I have been able to go out into the garden and do my pot plants!

Mrs K – Northampton